Benny Blanco & Selena Gomez: Baby Talk!

Benny Blanco & Selena Gomez: Baby Talk!
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Music pro­duc­er Ben­ny Blan­co is spilling the tea on his love life with Sele­na Gomez! They’re not just dat­ing, they’re talk­ing about tak­ing things to the next lev­el: hav­ing kids!

Ben­ny recent­ly dropped by The Howard Stern Show and revealed that start­ing a fam­i­ly with Sele­na is his “next goal.” He’s already show­ered with love from his god­chil­dren and nephews, but it seems he’s ready for some mini-me’s of his own. Sounds like Sele­na’s get­ting the hint too!

While Ben­ny would­n’t con­firm an engage­ment is on the hori­zon, he did say he’s hap­pi­er than ever with Sele­na. So. Cute.

Their love sto­ry is pret­ty adorable too. Ben­ny even admit­ted he did­n’t real­ize their first date was actu­al­ly a date! Talk about a meet-cute! Since going pub­lic in Decem­ber 2023, they’ve been total #cou­ple­goals, flood­ing social media with sweet pics.

Looks like baby Blan­co-Gomez’s might be on the way! Could we be get­ting a mini-Sele­na run­ning around soon? Stay tuned!

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