Bombshell Lawsuit Accuses Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of Drugging, Raping NYC College Student in 1990s

Bombshell Lawsuit Accuses Sean 'Diddy' Combs of Drugging, Raping NYC College Student in 1990s
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In anoth­er damn­ing alle­ga­tion against music mogul Sean “Did­dy” Combs, a new law­suit has emerged claim­ing he drugged and repeat­ed­ly raped a New York City col­lege stu­dent in the 1990s.

The lat­est accuser, April Lam­pros, alleges that she met Combs in 1995 when he offered to men­tor her at the Fash­ion Insti­tute of Tech­nol­o­gy. After a night of drink­ing at a Soho bar, Lam­pros claims Combs took her back to his hotel room, where he began forcibly rap­ing her. She says she remained con­scious but was unable to defend herself.

Months lat­er, Lam­pros says Combs reached out and began invit­ing her to VIP indus­try events, con­vinc­ing her to give him a “sec­ond chance.” How­ev­er, she alleges that in a park­ing garage, Combs forced her to per­form oral sex on him as a park­ing atten­dant wit­nessed the assault but did nothing.

The law­suit also claims that in 1996, Combs “ordered” Lam­pros to his apart­ment, where he intro­duced her to his late ex-girl­friend, mod­el Kim Porter. Combs alleged­ly forced Lam­pros to take ecsta­sy and have sex with Porter while he watched and masturbated.

Lam­pros cut ties with Combs in 1998, but she says she lat­er ran into Porter at a restau­rant where she worked, and Porter got her fired after claim­ing Lam­pros had tried to poi­son her.

This lat­est law­suit comes on the heels of dis­turb­ing footage that emerged last week show­ing Combs vicious­ly beat­ing his ex-girl­friend Cassie Ven­tu­ra in a hotel hall­way in 2016. Combs has also been slapped with sev­er­al oth­er law­suits accus­ing him of rape, sex­u­al mis­con­duct and oth­er crimes.

The embat­tled bil­lion­aire has denied the alle­ga­tions against him, but this new case from the 1990s adds to the grow­ing list of women com­ing for­ward with accu­sa­tions of preda­to­ry behav­ior by the music mogul. As the legal bat­tles mount, Combs’ pub­lic image con­tin­ues to be tar­nished by these alle­ga­tions of sex­u­al assault and abuse.

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