Britney’s Ex Sam Desperately Seeks Disguise After Divorce Bombshell

Britney's Ex Sam Desperately Seeks Disguise After Divorce Bombshell_

Brit­ney Spears’ ex Sam Asghari has plead­ed for help choos­ing a dis­guise to dodge paparazzi since their shock split.

The for­mer fit­ness train­er post­ed bizarre self­ies in dis­guis­ing wigs as he asked fans: “Help me choose paparazzi disguise!”

One snap showed Sam, 29, in a wild Ein­stein-style wig and big glass­es after fil­ing for divorce from Brit­ney, 41.

Anoth­er saw him try on a short brown curly hair­piece and shades in a des­per­ate bid to go incognito.

Brit­ney and Sam’s fairy tale romance crum­bled after just one year of marriage.

He filed the divorce bomb­shell last week, although insid­ers say the signs were there for months.

A heart­bro­ken Brit­ney told fans: “I could­n’t take the pain anymore.”

She added: “Some­how I’ve always had to hide my weaknesses.”

But Sam put on a brave face, vow­ing they “still have love and respect” for each other.

He insist­ed: “S*** hap­pens” as he comes to terms with the end of their relationship.

Now Sam faces a gaunt­let of press and paparazzi scruti­ny over the high-pro­file break-up.

His wig self­ies show the hunk is will­ing to go to extremes to keep a low profile.

Fans flocked to help, with many beg­ging him: “Please don’t wear any of those!”

One joked: “Did Ein­stein come back to life and dye his hair grey?”

The light­heart­ed posts hide Sam’s sad­ness after los­ing the love of his life.

Just last year, he gushed mar­ry­ing Brit­ney was “an hon­or and privilege.”

But despite vow­ing to be there “till death”, their mar­riage expired after just 13 months.

Brit­ney’s divorce heartache comes amid fears over her men­tal health spi­ral­ing again.

Her fol­low­ers’ prayers are now that both she and Sam can rebuild their lives.

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