Coachella Slapped with $28,000 Fine for Lana Del Rey’s Epic Set

Coachella Slapped with $28,000 Fine for Lana Del Rey's Epic Set
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Coachel­la may scream good vibes and end­less music, but appar­ent­ly there’s a hid­den rule that can get pricey!

We all know Coachel­la is lit . Imag­ine hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple vib­ing to their fave artists? Sounds wild, right? But there are, like, rules, dude.

Appar­ent­ly, Lana Del Rey learned this the hard way after wrap­ping up Coachel­la week­end 2. TMZ spilled the tea ☕ that her amaz­ing set went a lil long, cost­ing the fes­ti­val a cool $28,000. Don’t wor­ry, it’s not about song choice, but about how long she rocked the stage!

The city of Indio has Coachel­la on a tight leash when it comes to cur­few. Every minute after the clock strikes par­ty-over time is major $$$. Accord­ing to TMZ, it’s $20,000 for the first 5 min­utes and $1,000 per minute after that! Lana’s 13-minute jam ses­sion added up quick.

But hey, at least the fans were hap­py! They’re rav­ing about Lana’s unfor­get­table per­for­mance, which even includ­ed a sur­prise guest appear­ance by Cami­la Cabel­lo with her new banger “I LUV IT.”

This was­n’t too bad for Coachel­la though. The rep spilled that this was the only fine from week­end two. Phew! UNILAD even reached out to Coachel­la for com­ment, but we’re still wait­ing to hear back.

Remem­ber Calvin Har­ris from last year? Yeah, that DJ extra­or­di­naire who went over time too. He might have been 30 min­utes late, but the crowd of over 100,000 peo­ple loved every minute! Hon­est­ly, with an expe­ri­ence like Coachel­la, who cares about a lit­tle cur­few dra­ma, right?

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