Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard Alleges Rapper ‘Got Really Physical’ With Former Girlfriends

Diddy's Ex-Bodyguard Alleges Rapper 'Got Really Physical' With Former Girlfriends
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A for­mer secu­ri­ty chief for Sean “Did­dy” Combs has come for­ward with dis­turb­ing alle­ga­tions about the rap­per’s behav­ior toward his ex-part­ners. Roger Bonds, Did­dy’s ex-head of secu­ri­ty, told Piers Mor­gan that he wit­nessed the music mogul being phys­i­cal­ly abu­sive toward women “four or five times” dur­ing his employment.

Bonds revealed that the shock­ing 2016 footage of Did­dy bru­tal­ly assault­ing his then-girl­friend Cassie Ven­tu­ra in a hotel hall­way did not sur­prise him, as he had seen sim­i­lar inci­dents involv­ing the rap­per and oth­er for­mer girl­friends, includ­ing the late mod­el Kim Porter.

“I’ve seen him [be vio­lent] with Cassie and I’ve seen him with Kim Porter, his kid’s moth­er,” Bonds said. “I’ve seen him get phys­i­cal. I’ve seen him get real­ly phys­i­cal, grab them up. I’ve seen him get into some wrestling and punch­ing match­es and some­times I felt like, ‘What are you mad at? What are you upset about?’ ”

Bonds sug­gest­ed that Did­dy’s sub­se­quent apol­o­gy for the Ven­tu­ra inci­dent was sim­ply say­ing what he thought peo­ple want­ed to hear, rather than a gen­uine expres­sion of remorse. He believes the rap­per knew there were secu­ri­ty cam­eras in the hotel and was able to pay $50,000 to obtain the footage, unaware that Ven­tu­ra had also received a copy.

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