Eminem’s Rap Game Almost Died After Overdose!

Eminem's Rap Game Almost Died After Overdose!
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Yo, Em stans! We all know Eminem is a rap god, but did you know he had to relearn how to rap after a drug overdose?

In his man­ag­er Paul Rosen­berg’s pod­cast, Em spilled the tea on his 2007 over­dose and how it messed with his flow. His man­ag­er was even wor­ried about per­ma­nent brain damage!

Wait, what? Turns out, get­ting clean meant Eminem had to redis­cov­er his rap skills. But hey, the good news is get­ting sober also made record­ing his come­back album “Relapse” a blast for him!

This year, Eminem cel­e­brates 16 years drug-free and keeps drop­ping fire tracks. He even has a new album com­ing out this sum­mer called “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grñce)”.

But the strug­gle was real. Eminem admit­ted it took his brain a while to get back in the game. His man­ag­er even remem­bers an ear­ly song leak that sound­ed “not good”. Yikes! Em says it was a “weird” time as his brain “turned back on.”

So next time you hear Eminem spit­ting rhymes, remem­ber the jour­ney he went on to get back to the top!

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