Jonas Brother Splits from Wife as Couple Collapses

Jonas Brother Splits from Wife as Couple Collapses_Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner next to each other

Sources con­firm Joe Jonas is on the verge of divorce docs to legal­ly end his mar­riage to Sophie Turn­er after seri­ous prob­lems tear the pair apart. 

Over the last months, the singer has main­ly cared for their two kids alone as his band tours nationwide.

Signs of crum­bling unions sur­face as Joe recent­ly rings ring-less, and the cou­ple swift­ly unloads their Mia­mi man­sion after just one year. Though pos­ing pub­licly togeth­er, insid­ers reveal the rela­tion­ship inter­nal­ly imploded.

After ini­tial­ly bond­ing in 2016 and elop­ing in Vegas three years lat­er, the once-pas­sion­ate part­ners wel­comed two chil­dren in quick suc­ces­sion. But the strains of fre­quent sep­a­ra­tion as work pulls Joe away have tak­en a toll.

At only 27, “Game of Thrones” actress Turn­er is main­ly retired from roles nowa­days as she rais­es their fam­i­ly. As Jonas Broth­ers active­ly tour through win­ter, will her hus­band com­mit ful­ly to domes­tic duties, or will the divorce decree dis­miss all doubts of their doomed partnership?

With careers and young fam­i­lies in tow, sources say irrec­on­cil­able divi­sions have arisen between the for­mer love­birds. Fans await the final­ized papers that will put this promi­nent pair’s frac­tured mar­riage to rest.

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