Katy Perry Teases “Woman’s World” Music Video in Sizzling Outfit

Katy Perry Teases "Woman's World" Music Video in Sizzling Outfit
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Katy Perry’s Captivating Comeback

Katy Per­ry is mak­ing a grand come­back with her new sin­gle “Wom­an’s World,” and the pop super­star is pulling out all the stops to pro­mote it. The 39-year-old singer took to social media to tease the upcom­ing music video, shar­ing a series of cap­ti­vat­ing behind-the-scenes clips.

In the footage, Per­ry is a vision of con­fi­dence and glam­our, sport­ing a spark­ly red, white and blue cutout bra that show­cas­es her envi­able curves. She pairs the dar­ing top with blue hot pants, com­plet­ing the look with a bedaz­zled orange tool belt and lace-up work­er boots with high heels.

A Nod to the Past

Chan­nel­ing the icon­ic “We Can Do It” wartime poster, Per­ry ties a red and white pol­ka dot scarf around her jet black hair, adding a touch of retro flair to her futur­is­tic ensem­ble. The singer effort­less­ly blends the past and present, cre­at­ing a visu­al­ly strik­ing and empow­er­ing image.

Promoting “Woman’s World”

Using the lyrics from her upcom­ing sin­gle, Per­ry cap­tions the post, “BABY WE AIN’T GOING AWAY! JULY 11TH 4PM PT,” teas­ing the release of “Wom­an’s World” to her 206 mil­lion fol­low­ers. The full song is slat­ed to drop on Thurs­day, July 11, with the music video to fol­low on Friday.

Controversial Collaboration

While Per­ry’s fans are undoubt­ed­ly excit­ed for the new music, the singer’s deci­sion to work with pro­duc­er Dr. Luke, who has been accused of sex­u­al assault by Kesha, has been a source of con­tro­ver­sy. How­ev­er, Per­ry has defend­ed her rela­tion­ship with the pro­duc­er, cit­ing their strong rap­port and suc­cess­ful past collaborations.

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