Kelly Clarkson Gets Real About Weight Loss Journey (It Wasn’t All Burgers & Spin Class!)

Kelly Clarkson Gets Real About Weight Loss Journey (It Wasn't All Burgers & Spin Class!)
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Queen Kel­ly Clark­son is spilling the tea on her weight loss! We all noticed her slim­mer fig­ure, but it turns out there’s more to the sto­ry than just healthy habits (although those play a part too!).

On her show, Kel­ly revealed she actu­al­ly used a pre­scrip­tion weight loss med along­side her diet and exer­cise rou­tine. Turns out, keep­ing it healthy isn’t always easy, even for celebs!

Doc Said “Girl, Take the Meds!” đŸ©ș

Kel­ly admit­ted she was hes­i­tant at first, wor­ried about her thy­roid con­di­tion. But after not-so-great blood­work results, her doc­tor con­vinced her to try it. It was­n’t the pop­u­lar med every­one thought, though! ‍♀

Sugar Struggle? This Med’s Got You!

Kel­ly explained her med helps her body process sug­ar bet­ter, some­thing it was­n’t doing so well on its own. Who knew a lit­tle help could make such a difference?

Celebs Love Their Weight Loss Meds!

Kel­ly’s not alone! Oprah, Rebel Wil­son, and a whole squad of oth­er celebs have opened up about using weight loss meds. It’s all about find­ing what works for YOU!

So remem­ber, there’s no shame in need­ing a lit­tle extra sup­port on your health jour­ney. Now, excuse us while we go rewatch Kel­ly CRUSH that con­cert (look­ing amaz­ing, btw!). âœš

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