Kelly Rowland Accuses Cannes Security Guard of Racism After Red Carpet Bust-Up

Kelly Rowland Accuses Cannes Security Guard of Racism After Red Carpet Bust-Up
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Kel­ly Row­land has spo­ken out about the con­tro­ver­sial inci­dent that occurred on the Cannes Film Fes­ti­val red car­pet, where she appeared to scold a secu­ri­ty guard. 

The singer has now accused the guard of racism, claim­ing there were oth­er women who did not share her appear­ance that were not scold­ed or pushed in the same manner.

Row­land, 43, attend­ed the pre­miere of the French film Mar­cel­lo Mio in a stun­ning red gown. How­ev­er, her glam­orous red car­pet moment took an unex­pect­ed turn when a female secu­ri­ty guard attempt­ed to guide her into the venue. 

This sparked a tense exchange, with Row­land hold­ing up her fin­ger to admon­ish the woman in front of the crowd.

Accord­ing to a lip-read­ing expert, the secu­ri­ty guard had acci­den­tal­ly stepped on Row­land’s dress, prompt­ing an apol­o­gy. How­ev­er, the guard then said some­thing else that caused Row­land’s demeanor to change drastically. 

The singer respond­ed, “Don’t talk to me like that,” before turn­ing around and repeat­ing the phrase sev­er­al times as the guard con­tin­ued to ush­er her up the stairs.

In the after­math, Row­land has bro­ken her silence, claim­ing that her actions were jus­ti­fied. “The woman knows what hap­pened. I know what hap­pened,” she said. “And, I have a bound­ary. And I stand by those bound­aries and that is it.”

Row­land went on to allege that there were “oth­er women who attend­ed that car­pet, who did not quite look like me, and they did­n’t get scold­ed or pushed off or told to get off.” This sug­gests the singer believes the secu­ri­ty guard’s treat­ment of her was racial­ly motivated.

The inci­dent has sparked a wider dis­cus­sion about the treat­ment of celebri­ties, espe­cial­ly women of col­or, on the high-pro­file Cannes red car­pet. Row­land’s will­ing­ness to stand up for her­self and call out per­ceived racism has earned her praise from sup­port­ers, who applaud her for not back­ing down.

As the fall­out from this con­fronta­tion con­tin­ues, it serves as a reminder of the need for greater sen­si­tiv­i­ty and respect when deal­ing with pub­lic fig­ures, espe­cial­ly in such a high-pres­sure envi­ron­ment as the Cannes Film Festival.

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