Lil Kim’s Panties Throw Stirs Controversy At Concert

Lil Kim's Panties Throw Stirs Controversy At Concert

Icon­ic rap­per Lil Kim caused a stir by remov­ing her under­wear and launch­ing it into an excit­ed crowd at ONE MusicFest in Atlanta. 

A viral video depicts Lil Kim mid-per­for­mance ask­ing “What do I got for y’all next?” before declar­ing “Panties com­ing down!” and fling­ing her panties while kick­ing into her next song. 

Fans clar­i­fied Lil Kim was sim­ply toss­ing the out­er panties she wore over pants. “It’s part of her show but some of ya’ll too young to know that lol,” one fan commented.

How­ev­er, oth­ers mocked the near­ly 50-year-old artist’s risqué move. “Maybe the late 90s Lil Kim Not the new Lil Kim,” one stat­ed. Crit­ics drew com­par­isons too, sug­gest­ing Nic­ki Minaj would face harsh­er back­lash for iden­ti­cal actions due to their long-stand­ing feud.

“If this was Nic­ki y’all would have dragged her [through] filth but okay,” one alleged. The divi­sive dis­play split view­ers, with some defend­ing her rec­og­niz­able stage antics and oth­ers deem­ing her too old. 

As for the lucky recip­i­ent, spec­u­la­tions sur­faced about attempts to prof­it from the sou­venir or incor­po­rate it into their col­lec­tion. The panty toss adds anoth­er bizarre chap­ter to Lil Kim’s infa­mous legacy.

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