Lizzo Takes South Park’s Obesity Episode in Stride

Lizzo Takes South Park's Obesity Episode in Stride
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Pop star Liz­zo main­tains her com­po­sure after South Park’s lat­est episode, “The End of Obe­si­ty,” throws play­ful jabs at her weight and the body pos­i­tiv­i­ty move­ment. The episode revolves around Eric Cart­man’s pur­suit of the weight-loss drug Ozem­pic. Iron­i­cal­ly, a doc­tor sug­gests “tak­ing Liz­zo” as an alternative.

Liz­zo, 36, react­ed to the episode on social media, acknowl­edg­ing the satir­i­cal intent. In a Tik­Tok video, she play­ful­ly stat­ed, “These men in Col­orado know who I am
 I guess I real­ly showed the world how to love your­self!” Liz­zo empha­sized her mes­sage of self-love, declar­ing, “I’m going to keep on show­ing you how to not give a f**k.”

South Park fea­tures a fic­tion­al “Liz­zo” drug promis­ing unhealthy weight loss with­out exer­cise. This comes after Liz­zo refut­ed claims of weight-sham­ing her back­up dancers nine months prior.

Despite the satire, Liz­zo seems unboth­ered. Her inclu­sion in South Park’s long-stand­ing comedic tra­di­tion high­lights her cul­tur­al impact as a body pos­i­tiv­i­ty advo­cate. Liz­zo’s response rein­forces her mes­sage of self-accep­tance, prov­ing that she tru­ly does­n’t “give a f**k.”

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