MUSIC: Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly drink their blood to seal their engagement.

MGK made the announce­ment on Wednes­day, with the cap­tion: “Yes, in this life and in all lives” under the same branch­es we fell in love under, I brought her back to ask her to mar­ry me. ”

It all took place at the Dora­do Beach Ritz-Carl­ton in Puer­to Rico … a place the two have vis­it­ed before.

Megan also post­ed an engage­ment video, say­ing: “Some­how, a year and a half lat­er, after going through hell togeth­er and laugh­ing more than I ever imag­ined, he asked me to mar­ry him. ”

But it was the way she fin­ished her post that baf­fled peo­ple “… and then we drank each oth­er’s blood.”

It is cer­tain­ly not the first time that these two have exchanged bod­i­ly flu­ids, MGK has already worn a neck­lace with a drop of his fiancée’s blood.

He says he designed the ring with Stephen Web­ster, using Megan’s birth­stone, the emer­ald, and her birth­stone, the dia­mond. Con­tin­u­ing, “attached to two mag­net­ic strips of thorns which come togeth­er like two halves of the same soul form­ing the dark heart which is our love.”

Megan and MGK met in 2020 while film­ing the movie “Mid­night in The Switch­grass” and have appar­ent­ly been insep­a­ra­ble ever since.

Megan was pre­vi­ous­ly mar­ried to Bri­an Austin Green, the two have three chil­dren togeth­er. MGK has nev­er been mar­ried, but has a daughter.

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