Remembering Shifty Shellshock: Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” Singer Dies at 49

Remembering Shifty Shellshock: Crazy Town's "Butterfly" Singer Dies at 49
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The music world grieves the loss of Seth Binz­er, bet­ter known by his stage name Shifty Shell­shock. Shell­shock, the lead singer of rap-rock band Crazy Town, died on Mon­day at his Los Ange­les res­i­dence at the age of 49.

Shell­shock co-found­ed Crazy Town in 1995 along­side Bret “Epic” Mazur. Their break­out hit, “But­ter­fly,” soared to the top of the Bill­board Hot 100 chart in the ear­ly 2000s, solid­i­fy­ing their place in music history.

Despite ini­tial suc­cess, Shell­shock­’s strug­gles with addic­tion ham­pered the band, lead­ing to a split in 2003. After reunit­ing in 2007, Crazy Town con­tin­ued to release music, with Shell­shock even renam­ing the group Crazy Town X in 2017.

Open about his sub­stance abuse bat­tles, Shell­shock appeared on shows like “Celebri­ty Rehab” seek­ing recov­ery. Sad­ly, his addic­tion ulti­mate­ly led to his passing.

He is sur­vived by his three chil­dren, Halo, Gage, and Phoenix. Shell­shock­’s lega­cy lives on through his music, which con­tin­ues to inspire fans worldwide.

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