Smash Mouth Songs: A Tribute to Steve Harwell

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Steve Har­well, the lead singer of Smash Mouth, died on Mon­day at 56. He was the voice of the ulti­mate 90s band, with hits like “All Star” and “I’m a Believ­er”. He also inspired mil­lions of fans with his charis­ma and ambi­tion. Here are some of the best Smash Mouth songs to remem­ber him by.

  • “Walkin’ On The Sun”: The debut sin­gle of Smash Mouth, released in 1997. It was a catchy and funky song that cap­tured the spir­it of the 90s. It also encour­aged peo­ple to be them­selves and have fun.
  • “All Star”: The most famous song of Smash Mouth, released in 1999. It was a pop rock anthem that became a cul­tur­al phe­nom­e­non. It also moti­vat­ed peo­ple to pur­sue their dreams and over­come challenges.
  • “I’m A Believ­er”: A cov­er of The Mon­kees’ song, released in 2001. It was a cheer­ful and upbeat song that fea­tured in the movie Shrek. It also showed the pow­er of love and optimism.
  • “Then The Morn­ing Comes”: A song from the album Astro Lounge, released in 1999. It was a live­ly and ener­getic song that expressed the joy of liv­ing. It also remind­ed peo­ple to enjoy the present and not wor­ry about the future.

Smash Mouth songs are more than just catchy tunes. They are pow­er­ful mes­sages that can change your life. They can make you hap­pi­er, more con­fi­dent, and more suc­cess­ful. They can also make you a Smash Mouth fan for life. Steve Har­well will be missed, but his lega­cy will live on through his music.

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