Tragic Aaron Carter’s Infant Son Sues for Wrongful Death After

Tragic Aaron Carter Infant Son Sues for Wrongful Death After

In a har­row­ing new legal claim, Aaron Carter’s two-year old son Prince­ton alleges that reck­less doc­tors and phar­ma­cies are to blame for the singer’s drown­ing death. 

Accord­ing to Prince­ton’s law­suit, med­ical pro­fes­sion­als care­less­ly pre­scribed dan­ger­ous drugs like hydrocodone and oxy­codone that stripped the trou­bled 34-year-old of sound judgment. 

The com­plaint asserts that Aaron’s providers neglect­ed his trans­par­ent men­tal issues and con­tin­u­al­ly stocked him with harm­ful opi­oids despite the clear risk. Even Wal­greens comes under fire for alleged­ly not flag­ging the dis­turb­ing quan­ti­ties or ques­tion­ing the treat­ment plan giv­en Aaron’s psy­chi­atric past.

The young boy now seeks dam­ages through his moth­er Melanie, insist­ing meds not med­ical need doomed his father. Trag­i­cal­ly found sub­merged in his bath­tub last Novem­ber, Aaron’s offi­cial autop­sy revealed a lethal cock­tail of Xanax and huff­ing gas­es in his system. 

But this case sug­gests oth­ers crim­i­nal­ly con­tributed to the demise of the for­mer child star bat­tling well-known addic­tion demons for decades in the spotlight.

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