Travis Barker Dotes on Pregnant Wife Kourtney Kardashian in Sweet Baby Bump Kiss

Travis Barker Dotes on Pregnant Wife Kourtney Kardashian in Sweet Baby Bump Kiss-Travis Barker kissing Koutney Kardashian's baby bump

Drum­mer Travis Bark­er shared an inti­mate moment show­ing his devo­tion to preg­nant wife Kourt­ney Kar­dashi­an. In a post to his Insta­gram sto­ry that is melt­ing hearts online, Bark­er is seen sweet­ly kiss­ing Kar­dashi­an’s promi­nent baby bump.

The up-close pho­to gives fol­low­ers an inside look at the affec­tion­ate rela­tion­ship between the expect­ing par­ents. Bark­er ten­der­ly cra­dles Kar­dashi­an’s stom­ach as he places a kiss direct­ly on her bump — a tru­ly pre­cious dis­play of love for his unborn child.

Fans can’t get enough of the raw emo­tions con­veyed in the heart­warm­ing snap­shot. With over 10 mil­lion Insta­gram fol­low­ers, Bark­er has shat­tered records by rack­ing up over 2 mil­lion likes on the bump kiss pho­to alone.

Com­ments on the post indi­cate many fans are liv­ing vic­ar­i­ous­ly through the seem­ing­ly per­fect rela­tion­ship. As the clock ticks down to the baby’s arrival, Bark­er leaves no doubt about his deep com­mit­ment to both Kar­dashi­an and their grow­ing family.

This is the first child for the pow­er cou­ple, who cement­ed their romance with a lav­ish Ital­ian wed­ding just months ago. All eyes are on Kar­dashi­an’s grow­ing bump as she enters the final stages of her much-buzzed about preg­nan­cy. Bark­er clear­ly can’t get enough of show­er­ing his wife and unborn baby with affec­tion dur­ing this spe­cial time.

As the inter­net melts over more inti­mate fam­i­ly moments shared by the lovesick duo, excite­ment con­tin­ues to build for the newest addi­tion to the blend­ed Kar­dashi­an-Bark­er brood.

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