Accused of Raping and Waterboarding Woman, Keanu Labatte plead fifth amendment

Accused of Raping and Waterboarding Woman, Keanu Labatte plead fifth amendment_Keanu Labatte
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Keanu Labat­te, 19, alleged­ly sub­ject­ed his girl­friend to days of tor­ture, includ­ing rape and water­board­ing, at St. Cather­ine Uni­ver­si­ty. Despite the shock­ing accu­sa­tions, Labat­te remained defi­ant when con­front­ed by author­i­ties, invok­ing his right to remain silent by say­ing, “I plead the fifth amendment.”

Labat­te’s girl­friend man­aged to escape after endur­ing the abuse for three ago­niz­ing days and imme­di­ate­ly report­ed the inci­dent to the police. The crim­i­nal com­plaint filed against Labat­te includes charges of crim­i­nal sex­u­al con­duct, threats of vio­lence, and domes­tic assault by strangulation.

Accord­ing to the com­plaint, Labat­te’s vio­lent out­burst was trig­gered by dis­cov­er­ing incrim­i­nat­ing texts, pho­tos, and social media posts involv­ing his girl­friend. In a fit of rage, he alleged­ly seized her phone, sex­u­al­ly assault­ed her, and choked her to the point where she strug­gled to breathe and expe­ri­enced dizziness.

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