Biden’s Granddaughter : Secret Service Agents in Deadly Shootout with Thieves

Biden's Granddaughter Secret Service Agents in Deadly Shootout with Thieves

In a dra­mat­ic late-night con­fronta­tion, Secret Ser­vice agents pro­tect­ing Pres­i­dent Biden’s grand­daugh­ter opened fire on a group try­ing to break into their vehi­cle in Wash­ing­ton DC.

Accord­ing to sources, Secret Ser­vice agents were out with Nao­mi Biden, 29, in the upscale George­town neigh­bor­hood when they wit­nessed three indi­vid­u­als forcibly break­ing a win­dow of an unmarked gov­ern­ment SUV around mid­night on Sunday.

When the agents angri­ly con­front­ed the per­pe­tra­tors, a chaot­ic scene ensued. In the midst of a heat­ed alter­ca­tion, one fed­er­al agent drew their weapon and dis­charged it, though offi­cials say no one appeared to be struck by gunfire.

The thwart­ed thieves then jumped into a red get­away car and sped off into the night. A region­al man­hunt was imme­di­ate­ly launched, with police on high alert for the flee­ing felons.

Although the pro­tectees escaped unharmed, it remains unclear if the shootout was mere­ly a crime of oppor­tu­ni­ty or a more sin­is­ter tar­get­ed attack. In any case, it marks an alarm­ing esca­la­tion of vehi­cle theft in the capital.

Car­jack­ing, which has seen a stag­ger­ing increase nation­wide, has become an epi­dem­ic in Wash­ing­ton DC. With over 750 hijack­ings report­ed in the past 12 months, even con­gress­men like Rep. Cuel­lar have fall­en vic­tim to the car thieves plagu­ing the city.

As the inves­ti­ga­tion into this pro­tec­tive shoot­ing heats up, one ques­tion remains — will author­i­ties final­ly get tough on and crack down on the dan­ger­ous car­jack­ing car­tels ter­ror­iz­ing DC?

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