Bizarre Bank Visit: Woman Claims She Didn‚Äôt Know Uncle Was Dead

Bizarre Bank Visit: Woman Claims She Didn't Know Uncle Was Dead
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Yikes! A Brazil¬≠ian woman is in hot water after try¬≠ing to get a loan with her‚Ķ deceased uncle √Čri¬≠ka de Souza says she had NO IDEA her uncle Paulo Bra¬≠ga was dead when she took him to the bank! Secu¬≠ri¬≠ty footage tells a dif¬≠fer¬≠ent sto¬≠ry though

Here’s the crazy breakdown:

  • De Souza wheeled Bra¬≠ga (already dead) into a bank
  • She tried to get him to sign a loan document
  • Bank work¬≠ers noticed some¬≠thing fishy and called the police

De Souza¬≠‚Äôs Story:

  • Claims she does¬≠n‚Äôt remem¬≠ber much due to medication
  • Says Bra¬≠ga seemed fine and even asked to go to the bank himself

The Evi­dence:

  • Video shows Bra¬≠ga life¬≠less in the wheelchair
  • De Souza even tried to feed him water

De Souza is fac¬≠ing charges of dis¬≠turb¬≠ing a corpse and attempt¬≠ed fraud. She main¬≠tains her inno¬≠cence, say¬≠ing she‚Äôs ‚Äúnot a mon¬≠ster.‚ÄĚ Truth is stranger than fic¬≠tion, folks! This sto¬≠ry has every¬≠one talk¬≠ing online. What do you think? Was she clue¬≠less or try¬≠ing to pull a fast one?

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