Bloodbath in NYC: Knife Attacks Explode Across City in 2023

Bloodbath in NYC Knife Attacks Explode Across City in 2023_ blood on a public road

New York City’s streets are flow­ing red with blood as stab­bings and slash­ings soar out of con­trol this year.

Shock­ing new stats show knife attacks have rock­et­ed an alarm­ing 26% since 2019.

The car­nage is leav­ing more and more New York­ers slaugh­tered and dis­fig­ured at the hands of mer­ci­less thugs tooled up with blades.

By August 13, the NYPD had record­ed a hor­ri­fy­ing 3,365 stab­bings and slashings.

That’s a mas­sive spike from 2,666 just four years ago. It’s also up 5% from the 3,208 blade attacks in the same peri­od last year.

The body count is mount­ing too. So far, 53 souls have lost their lives to cold steel this year.

That’s a shock­ing 29% jump from 41 mur­ders by knife in 2019.

Cops blame weak lead­ers for let­ting hard­ened crim­i­nals run wild on the streets with impunity.

Con­tro­ver­sial reforms mean thugs now walk free even when caught red-hand­ed with a blade.

Ex-NYPD Sgt Joseph Giacalone raged: “It’s the same old sto­ry. Bad pol­i­cy and lack of enforce­ment. Now every­one’s try­ing to fig­ure out why we have so many knife attacks? Duh.”

Vul­ner­a­ble sub­way rid­ers are ripe pick­ings for blood­thirsty attack­ers who know they’ll like­ly dodge jail.

One 28-year-old woman need­ed 30 stitch­es and suf­fered night­mares after a crazed knife­man sliced her leg open on a Brook­lyn train.

She sobbed: “To just be sit­ting there and have some­one do that is mind-blowing.”

With knives cheap­er and eas­i­er to hide than guns, every New York­er is now poten­tial prey.

TheNYPD’s own data paints a chill­ing pic­ture of the blade men­ace plagu­ing the city.

Will May­or Eric Adams act before the Big Apple becomes one big slash­er flick?

The blood is on his hands.

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