Boston City Councilor Swears at Colleagues in Viral Video

Boston City Councilor Swears at Colleagues in Viral Video
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A resur­faced video shows Boston City Coun­cilor Tania Fer­nan­des Ander­son yelling and pound­ing her fist on the table at col­leagues. In the clip from 2022, Ander­son is heard shout­ing “What the f* do I have to do in this f*ing coun­cil to get respect as a black woman?”

Ander­son, who was elect­ed in 2021, has been a con­tro­ver­sial fig­ure who pledged to “cre­ate a rev­o­lu­tion” and “dis­man­tle Amer­i­ca’s white back­drop.” Her out­burst occurred dur­ing a meet­ing to dis­cuss redis­trict­ing maps, which she called “depraved” and “stu­pid­ly racial­ly divided.”

One anony­mous col­league told Fox News that Ander­son often swears, yells, and screams at pub­lic meet­ings. They say she has cre­at­ed an “unhealthy envi­ron­ment” and intim­i­dates oth­ers by being “hos­tile, ver­bal­ly abu­sive and anti-Semitic.”

Though she apol­o­gized at the time, the video’s resur­fac­ing has renewed scruti­ny on Ander­son­’s behav­ior. As one of the first Black women on the coun­cil, she says she rep­re­sents “every black woman and man,” but crit­ics argue her actions under­mine her mes­sage of equi­ty and inclusion.

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