British Airways Flight Diverted to Gatwick After Lightning Strike

British Airways Flight Diverted to Gatwick After Lightning Strike
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A British Air­ways flight (BA919) en route from Stuttgart to Heathrow Air­port encoun­tered tur­bu­lence due to a light­ning strike dur­ing its approach. 

The pilots, pri­or­i­tiz­ing safe­ty, divert­ed the air­craft to Gatwick Air­port. Pas­sen­gers onboard described the inci­dent as startling.

The flight depart­ed Ger­many short­ly after 1:00 PM local time and was sched­uled to land at Heathrow by 1:40 PM. 

Unfa­vor­able weath­er con­di­tions neces­si­tat­ed a diver­sion to Gatwick, where pas­sen­gers arrived by 2:00 PM and were sub­se­quent­ly trans­port­ed by ground to Heathrow.

Passenger Accounts:

Jeco, a pas­sen­ger on the flight, recount­ed the expe­ri­ence to The Sun: “The crew han­dled the sit­u­a­tion remark­ably well when light­ning struck our plane as we neared Heathrow. It was a shock­ing inci­dent, and the flight had to be divert­ed to Gatwick.”

Anoth­er pas­sen­ger, with his son and grand­son onboard, expressed frus­tra­tion due to an ear­li­er delay in Stuttgart caused by over­heat­ed brakes, fol­lowed by the light­ning diver­sion in the UK. He referred to the expe­ri­ence as a “flight from hell.”

British Airways Response:

A British Air­ways spokesper­son con­firmed: “Flight BA919 divert­ed to Gatwick this after­noon due to weath­er con­di­tions in the area. 

The flight land­ed safe­ly short­ly before 2:00 PM. Pas­sen­gers were then trans­ferred by ground trans­porta­tion from Gatwick to Heathrow.”

Lightning Strikes and Air Travel:

While unset­tling for pas­sen­gers, light­ning strikes on air­planes are rel­a­tive­ly fre­quent and typ­i­cal­ly do not pose a safe­ty threat. Indus­try experts esti­mate that most com­mer­cial air­craft encounter light­ning strikes one to two times annually.

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