Calif. Doctor’s Cliff Dive with Family Takes Shocking Turn ‍‍‍

Calif. Doctor's Cliff Dive with Family Takes Shocking Turn ‍‍‍
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Cal­i­for­nia doc­tor Dharmesh Patel’s hor­rif­ic 2023 cliff crash with his fam­i­ly in a Tes­la takes a new turn. Experts say Patel suf­fered a psy­chot­ic break, believ­ing his kids were in sex traf­fick­ing. ⚠️

Psy­chot­ic Break Dur­ing Crash? Drs. Mark Pat­ter­son and James Armon­trout diag­nosed Patel with major depres­sive dis­or­der with psy­chot­ic fea­tures. This explains Patel’s report­ed fear and warped real­i­ty dur­ing the incident.

What Hap­pened? Patel alleged­ly drove his Tes­la off Dev­il’s Slide near Half Moon Bay, CA. Thank­ful­ly, every­one sur­vived. He now faces attempt­ed mur­der charges.

Why This Mat­ters? This case high­lights the impor­tance of men­tal health aware­ness. Under­stand­ing men­tal ill­ness can help us sup­port those strug­gling and pre­vent tragedies.

Stay Tuned! As the case unfolds, we’ll learn more about men­tal ill­ness and its impact on fam­i­lies. ⚖️

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