Canton Mother of Two Fights Back After Brutal Home Invasion by Ex-Husband Disguised as “Batman”

Canton Mother of Two Fights Back After Brutal Home Invasion by Ex-Husband Disguised as "Batman"
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A ter­ri­fy­ing home inva­sion in Can­ton, Geor­gia, left a moth­er-of-two, Mor­gan Met­zer, fight­ing for her life. On New Year’s Day 2021, Mor­gan’s ex-hus­band, Rod­ney Met­zer, broke into her home dis­guised as “Bat­man.” The bru­tal attack involved bind­ing, beat­ing, stran­gu­la­tion, and sex­u­al assault.

The facade crum­bled when Rod­ney him­self arrived at the scene, claim­ing some­one had alert­ed him. Author­i­ties, sus­pi­cious of his sto­ry, launched a thor­ough investigation.

Rod­ney’s Betray­al: The Clue That Unmasked Him

Despite the dis­guise, Mor­gan har­bored a chill­ing sus­pi­cion. A “throw­away com­ment” by Rod­ney as he fled became the key clue. He threat­ened, “You messed up…You’re going to miss him.” This chill­ing state­ment con­firmed Mor­gan’s worst fears – her attack­er was her ex-husband.

The Hor­rif­ic Assault and Years of Manipulation

The inves­ti­ga­tion revealed the hor­rif­ic details: pis­tol beat­ings, stran­gu­la­tion, sex­u­al assault, and leav­ing Mor­gan bound and ter­ri­fied on her deck. 

This was­n’t an iso­lat­ed inci­dent. For years, Rod­ney had manip­u­lat­ed and con­trolled Mor­gan through gaslight­ing. Even with over­whelm­ing evi­dence, the years of abuse left her ques­tion­ing the truth.

Con­se­quences and Aftermath

Rod­ney’s web of lies final­ly unrav­eled. Charged with sex­u­al bat­tery, kid­nap­ping, and aggra­vat­ed assault, he plead­ed guilty and received a 70-year sen­tence, with 25 years manda­to­ry prison time. This case serves as a chill­ing reminder of the dan­gers of domes­tic vio­lence and the impor­tance of trust­ing your instincts.

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