Chilling Murder Caught on Camera: Neighbor Executes Father and Son

Chilling Murder Caught on Camera: Neighbor Executes Father and Son

A shock­ing sur­veil­lance video shows the bru­tal exe­cu­tion of a father and son dur­ing a dis­pute over noise in their apart­ment building. 

The tape, obtained exclu­sive­ly by The New York Post, cap­tures the bone-chill­ing moment when a crazed neigh­bor pulls out a gun and shoots the two men in a grue­some killing spree at the Flat­bush Gar­dens hous­ing com­plex in Brook­lyn, New York.

The footage begins with the sus­pect pac­ing angri­ly out­side the vic­tim’s fourth floor apart­ment fol­low­ing a ver­bal argu­ment. Moments lat­er, Bladimy Math­urin, a 47-year-old school bus dri­ver and father of four, emerges hold­ing scis­sors. His wife tries to drag him away from the con­fronta­tion. Sud­den­ly, the neigh­bor bran­dish­es a handgun.

Math­urin notices the weapon but waves it off, turn­ing to leave. That’s when the trig­ger is pulled. Math­urin is struck and col­laps­es to the floor. 

His step­son, 27-year-old Chin­wai Mode, then tries to flee but is gunned down. Shock­ing­ly, the shoot­er fires twice more into Mod­e’s prone body. He exe­cutes Math­urin with a shot to the head on the apart­ment doorstep.

Police sources say nine shell cas­ings and five bul­let frag­ments were found at the scene. The sus­pect then calm­ly enters an ele­va­tor and escapes. Cops have iden­ti­fied him but he remains at large.

The vic­tims’ fam­i­lies were embroiled in a long-run­ning dis­pute over noise with their down­stairs neigh­bor, who vio­lent­ly esca­lat­ed the argu­ment. In a neigh­bor dis­pute turned dead­ly, two inno­cent lives were tak­en in bru­tal fash­ion. As the killer evades jus­tice, the vic­tims’ loved ones are left plead­ing for answers.

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