” Colorado Congressman’s Son Charged in Identity Theft Ring”

Colorado Congressman's Son Charged in Identity Theft Ring

Rep. Lau­ren Boe­bert’s 18-year-old son Tyler faces seri­ous alle­ga­tions after alleged­ly mas­ter­mind­ing a crim­i­nal oper­a­tion tar­get­ing mul­ti­ple vic­tims. Police say Tyler was the leader of a group that stole iden­ti­ties, broke into cars, and con­tributed to the delin­quen­cy of minors.

Tyler faces five felonies includ­ing crim­i­nal pos­ses­sion of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion doc­u­ments from sev­er­al peo­ple. He also alleged­ly con­spired with oth­ers to com­mit crimes. Court doc­u­ments show Tyler and his accom­plices are accused of steal­ing from auto­mo­biles, unlaw­ful­ly using iden­ti­ties, and pres­sur­ing minors into unlaw­ful acts.

This isn’t Tyler’s first run-in with the law. Last year he flipped an SUV, injur­ing his friend. As part of a plea deal for care­less dri­ving caus­ing injury, Tyler was ordered to attend a dri­ver safe­ty pro­gram. How­ev­er, he skipped his court date for the ticket.

The crimes have brought shame to Tyler’s fam­i­ly, includ­ing his moth­er Con­gress­woman Lau­ren Boe­bert. At only 36, Boe­bert faced fam­i­ly tur­moil as a new grand­moth­er when Tyler had a son last year.

If con­vict­ed of felony iden­ti­ty theft, Tyler faces severe penal­ties. How­ev­er, the details of this alleged crim­i­nal ring tar­get­ing mul­ti­ple vic­tims will be cru­cial evi­dence for pros­e­cu­tors. The case shines an unflat­ter­ing light on the Boe­bert fam­i­ly dur­ing a time they like­ly wish to avoid fur­ther scrutiny.

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