Controversial Z cup teacher Kayla Lemieux given police escort on first day at new Toronto school

Kayla Lemieux walking on the street with Z cup breasts

Last year, Lemieux’s giant pros­thet­ic breasts sparked out­rage when she wore them teach­ing shop class. Now, flanked by offi­cers, she arrives at Nora Frances Hen­der­son Sec­ondary for a staff plan­ning day.

Wear­ing a plain blue shirt and sun­glass­es, Lemieux was led by police in an unmarked car, arriv­ing half an hour after oth­er teach­ers. She and the escort parked away from the staff in back.

Just a week ago, the prin­ci­pal warned of pos­si­ble “protests” and “dis­rup­tions” over Lemieux’s hir­ing in a leaked memo to par­ents. Safe­ty mea­sures like restrict­ed entrance/exit doors were added.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, Lemieux’s giant breasts had caused such anger that bomb threats were called into her old Oakville school. She was put on paid leave amid parental back­lash over the failed dress code.

Con­tin­u­al­ly, Lemieux insists the breasts are “real,” despite pho­tos show­ing her flat-chest­ed. Neigh­bors have even seen her flat on their roof.

With a new home recent­ly list­ed for sale, con­tro­ver­sy fol­lows Lemieux 25 min­utes to her fresh start at the neigh­bor­ing high school.

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