Delta Plane Fires Up After Landing in Seattle (But Everyone’s Safe!)

Delta Plane Fires Up After Landing in Seattle (But Everyone's Safe!)
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**Wild Scene at Sea-Tac Airport **

Imag­ine just land­ing in Seat­tle after a vacay in Can­cun, only to see your plane light up! That’s what hap­pened to pas­sen­gers on a Delta flight this week. Luck­i­ly, every­one got out safe­ly thanks to the quick actions of the crew.

**Fire in the Sky **

The plane, a fan­cy Air­bus A321Neo, land­ed at Seat­tle-Taco­ma Inter­na­tion­al Air­port when smoke start­ed fill­ing the cab­in. Yikes! Videos online show sparks and flames com­ing from the plane’s nose.

Evac­u­a­tion A‑OK ✅

The crew did­n’t mess around. They deployed the emer­gency slides and got every­one off the plane, fast. Pas­sen­gers deplaned safe­ly and nobody got hurt.

**What Caused the Fire? **

Inves­ti­ga­tors are look­ing into the elec­tri­cal cord that was plugged into the plane after land­ing. They think that might be the cul­prit, not the plane itself.

Leav­ing Your Stuff Behind? Major Don’t! âŒ

While flee­ing the fiery plane, some pas­sen­gers grabbed their bags. We get it, those vacay sou­venirs are pre­cious! But safe­ty first! Flight atten­dants always tell you to ditch your stuff dur­ing an evac­u­a­tion. A back­pack can slow every­one down in an emer­gency. ‍♀‍♂

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