Devastating Attack on LGBTQ+ Couple During Pride Month

Devastating Attack on LGBTQ+ Couple During Pride Month
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In a shock­ing and dis­turb­ing inci­dent, a same-sex cou­ple was vio­lent­ly assault­ed by a group of men who alleged­ly hurled homo­pho­bic slurs at them in down­town Hal­i­fax, Nova Sco­tia on June 22, 2024.

The bru­tal attack, which occurred dur­ing Pride month, has left the vic­tims, Emma MacLean and her part­ner Tori, with bro­ken bones, bruis­es, and a deep sense of fear and trauma.

Accord­ing to MacLean’s account, the cou­ple was walk­ing after a birth­day cel­e­bra­tion when a group of sev­en to ten young men passed them and made a “sex­u­al­ly degrad­ing” com­ment towards Tori. 

When Tori con­front­ed the alleged cat­caller, the man respond­ed with “sev­er­al dis­gust­ing slurs, some being homo­pho­bic.” This quick­ly esca­lat­ed into a phys­i­cal alter­ca­tion, with the group of men report­ed­ly “throw­ing sev­er­al punch­es and kicks” at the couple.

The assault left MacLean with a bro­ken nose and chipped tooth, while her part­ner Tori suf­fered a bruised lip and cut-up elbow. A bystander’s video footage cap­tured the hor­rif­ic scene, show­ing the men sur­round­ing the women on the ground as a woman can be heard yelling, “Hey, she’s a girl, stop!”

Despite one of the attack­ers being iden­ti­fied by police, the rest of the group report­ed­ly refused to coop­er­ate, claim­ing that the cou­ple had attacked them. This claim, how­ev­er, direct­ly con­tra­dicts the evi­dence and eye­wit­ness accounts that describe the men as the aggressors.

The shock­ing inci­dent has left the LGBTQ+ com­mu­ni­ty in Nova Sco­tia and beyond out­raged and deeply con­cerned. MacLean expressed feel­ing “ter­ri­fied to go down­town again in Hal­i­fax,” and said the expe­ri­ence was “over­whelm­ing” and some­thing she “did­n’t expect to hap­pen, espe­cial­ly with it hap­pen­ing dur­ing Pride month as well.”

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