Dickson, Tennessee Woman Fights for Life After Brutal Stabbing and Arson Attack by Husband

Dickson, Tennessee Woman Fights for Life After Brutal Stabbing and Arson Attack by Husband
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Dick­son, TN — A Ten­nessee woman, Tes­sa Mow­el, is bat­tling for her life after a vicious attack by her hus­band that left her stabbed and engulfed in flames. Thank­ful­ly, two bystanders from Alaba­ma wit­nessed the smoke and sprang into action, sav­ing Tes­sa from fur­ther harm.

Hor­rif­ic Attack Leaves Woman Stabbed, Set on Fire

Accord­ing to author­i­ties, Zachary Mow­el, 28, alleged­ly stabbed Tes­sa mul­ti­ple times, doused her with gaso­line, and then set their Dick­son Coun­ty home ablaze. The inci­dent occurred on the 1200 block of North Char­lotte Street. Trag­i­cal­ly, Tes­sa’s twin sis­ter, Tori Ila Eliz­a­beth Trot­ter, revealed that their two young chil­dren, ages 5 and 8, wit­nessed the entire ordeal.

Tes­sa Mow­el Fights for Recovery

Tes­sa sus­tained exten­sive injuries, includ­ing nine stab wounds, bro­ken ribs, a col­lapsed lung, and severe burns cov­er­ing her entire right leg. The attack also result­ed in paral­y­sis from the waist down.

Good Samar­i­tans Cred­it­ed with Sav­ing Tes­sa’s Life

Two heroes from Alaba­ma, who were dri­ving by and noticed the smoke, are cred­it­ed with pulling Tes­sa from the burn­ing home. Tes­sa’s moth­er, Tina Trot­ter, expressed her deep­est grat­i­tude to these bystanders, stat­ing, “God bless you, and I will reach out to you once my fam­i­ly finds out who you are. Our fam­i­ly is so grate­ful for y’all because I would­n’t have her today.”

Zachary Mow­el Faces Charges

Zachary Mow­el has been arrest­ed and charged with Attempt­ed First Degree Mur­der, Aggra­vat­ed Arson, Aggra­vat­ed Assault (Domes­tic-Relat­ed), and Domes­tic Assault. He is cur­rent­ly detained at the Dick­son Coun­ty Jail on a $765,000 bond.

Fam­i­ly Focus­es on Recov­ery and Chil­dren’s Well-Being

The attack has left the fam­i­ly dev­as­tat­ed. Tes­sa’s twin sis­ter revealed that Tes­sa was plan­ning to divorce her hus­band due to emo­tion­al abuse. The fam­i­ly’s pri­ma­ry con­cern is Tes­sa’s recov­ery and ensur­ing the safe­ty and well-being of her two chil­dren, who were trau­ma­tized by wit­ness­ing the attack.

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