Dream Wedding Turns Nightmare: Surfer & Fiancée’s Mexico Trip Ends in Tragedy

Dream Wedding Turns Nightmare: Surfer & Fiancée's Mexico Trip Ends in Tragedy
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Stoked surfer Jack Rhoad (30) was about to shred the gnarli­est wave of his life — mar­riage! But his Baja Cal­i­for­nia surf trip turned dead­ly. Just 3 months before his August wed­ding to Natal­ie Wiertz (32), Jack­’s body was found in an aban­doned well, along with his bud­dies Cal­lum Robin­son (33) and Jake Robin­son (30).

Hap­pi­ly Ever After Cut Short

Jack and Natal­ie’s wed­ding web­site, with its smil­ing cou­ple pic and RSVP option, is a stark reminder of the shat­tered dream. Their planned August 17th bash in Ohio feels like a cru­el joke now. 

Cel­e­bra­tion Turns to Mourning

Just weeks ago, Natal­ie cel­e­brat­ed her bach­e­lorette par­ty in Flori­da. Now, she grieves the love of her life. Their July 2023 engage­ment post on Face­book, with Jack propos­ing at sun­set, feels like a life­time ago.

Par­adise Lost: Idyl­lic Trip Turns Deadly

Author­i­ties believe local ban­dits tar­get­ed the guys at their beach camp, a pop­u­lar surf spot called La Bocana. The killers burned their car but took noth­ing else. Shell cas­ings found at the scene hint at foul play.

Arrests Made, But Jus­tice Slow

Jesús Ger­ar­do Gar­cia Cota (“El Kekas”), his part­ner, and his broth­er were arrest­ed but not charged with mur­der yet. Baja Cal­i­for­nia is noto­ri­ous­ly vio­lent, but tourist areas like Ense­na­da are usu­al­ly safe. This tragedy rais­es ques­tions about safe­ty in Mex­i­co’s surf havens.

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