Dude Calls Sis After Crash, Line Goes Dead — Found Dead Days Later

Dude Calls Sis After Crash, Line Goes Dead - Found Dead Days Later
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Local News is blow­ing up after Tar­rance Williams, 46, van­ished for 8 days. Cops say he crashed his car on April 15th, called his sis, then

Spooky Details: His sis­ter told inves­ti­ga­tors he swore before the call cut out. She report­ed him miss­ing on April 19th.

The Break­through: Detec­tives tracked Tar­rance’s phone to the spot of the crash on I‑24 near Bri­ley Park­way on April 23rd. Turns out, he was there all along.

The Worst: Police found his body at the bot­tom of an embank­ment. It looks like he got hit by anoth­er car, but they’re not sure where exact­ly. The med­ical exam­in­er is fig­ur­ing out the cause of death. #RIP

Need Help Find­ing the Cul­prit? Cops are ask­ing any­one with info to call Crime Stop­pers at 615–742-7463. Let’s find who­ev­er did this! #Find­The­Hi­tAn­dRun­Driv­er

PSA: Car Crash Sur­vival Guide (Because nobody wants this to hap­pen to YOU!)

Over 5 mil­lion car crash­es hap­pen each year (yikes!). The Insur­ance Infor­ma­tion Insti­tute says know­ing what to do can save lives, $$ and make things smoother. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Pull over safe­ly (if you can!).
  2. Check for injuries. Every­one okay?
  3. Call 911 if there are injuries. Duh!
  4. Dam­age check! Take pics if possible.
  5. Don’t ditch the scene!
  6. Unat­tend­ed car involved? Leave a note with your info.
  7. Get every­one’s info (names, num­bers, car details, crash location).
  8. Ask for licens­es, reg­is­tra­tions, and insur­ance IDs from oth­er drivers.
  9. Report the crash to the police or high­way patrol.
  10. File an acci­dent report (even if cops skip the scene) and tell your insur­ance ASAP.

Stay safe out there, fam!

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