Dutch Woman Wins Right to Die After Years of Mental Health Struggles

Dutch Woman Wins Right to Die After Years of Mental Health Struggles
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29-year-old Zoraya final­ly gets green light for euthana­sia after bat­tling severe depres­sion for years. Is this a med­ical break­through or a step too far?

Zoraya ter Beek was­n’t giv­ing up on life, she was giv­ing up on suf­fer­ing. The Dutch woman, plagued by depres­sion, anx­i­ety, and trau­ma, was grant­ed per­mis­sion for euthana­sia after years of fight­ing for men­tal health relief.

“Unbear­able Suf­fer­ing” Law Test­ed

Zoraya’s case is a first. The Nether­lands allows euthana­sia for phys­i­cal ill­ness, but for men­tal health? This push­es legal bound­aries. Her sto­ry high­lights a ques­tion: should peo­ple with unbear­able men­tal health strug­gles have the right to die on their own terms?

Years of Strug­gle, Months of Wait­ing

Zoraya tried every­thing. Ther­a­py, med­ica­tion, even nav­i­gat­ing a wait­list for doc­tors will­ing to per­form euthana­sia for men­tal health rea­sons. This was­n’t a quick deci­sion; it was a fight for con­trol after years of feel­ing trapped.

“It’s Not Easy,” Says Zoraya

“It’s a long, com­pli­cat­ed process,” Zoraya explains. “Peo­ple think men­tal ill­ness clouds judg­ment, but that’s wrong.” She wants to break the stigma.

A Dif­fi­cult Choice with Mixed Feelings

Zoraya feels relief, but also guilt for the pain her deci­sion caus­es loved ones. Her sto­ry sparks a heat­ed debate: is this a path to free­dom or a slip­pery slope?

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