Epilepsy Sufferer’s Nose Ripped Off by Pet Dog During Seizure Mauling

Epilepsy Sufferer's Nose Ripped Off by Pet Dog During Seizure Mauling
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An ‘Heart­bro­ken’ 34-Year-Old Epilep­sy Patient Under­goes Exten­sive Recon­struc­tive Surg­eries After Vicious Dog Attack

In a shock­ing inci­dent, a 34-year-old man with epilep­sy was left ‘heart­bro­ken’ after his pet dog vicious­ly mauled his face, rip­ping off his nose dur­ing a night seizure. 

The hor­rif­ic attack left the man’s home ‘plas­tered in blood’ and his top lip hang­ing down, with only the sep­tum bone of his nose intact.

The man, iden­ti­fied as Ben Horne from Yeovil, Som­er­set, has had epilep­sy since the age of 15. A change in his med­ica­tion caused him to start expe­ri­enc­ing night seizures, which led to the trag­ic inci­dent with his dog, Henry.

Dur­ing one of these seizures, the dog became ‘spooked’ and attacked Horne’s face, caus­ing exten­sive dam­age. Horne man­aged to call an ambu­lance, but was shocked to see the extent of the injuries when he regained consciousness.

Horne under­went a 10-hour emer­gency oper­a­tion, where sur­geons attempt­ed to piece togeth­er what they could. 

He has since had to under­go 10 recon­struc­tive surg­eries, using bones from his ribs and skin from his fore­arm and fore­head to rebuild his nose.

The aero­space engi­neer has been open about the emo­tion­al and phys­i­cal toll of the inci­dent, say­ing he found it dif­fi­cult to accept his new appearance.

He has also strug­gled with peo­ple star­ing at him and the feel­ing of being treat­ed like ‘an object.’

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