Evangelical Pastor Arrested for Alleged Assault on Wife on Airplane

Evangelical pastor Roger Allan Holmberg Sr. allegedly assaulted his wife Patti on an Alaska Airlines flight after she got a first-class upgrade and he did not. The incident led to federal charges against Holmberg.
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A Seat­tle-Anchor­age Alas­ka Air­lines flight took a dis­turb­ing turn when an elder­ly pas­tor, Roger Holm­berg (75), alleged­ly assault­ed his wife, Pat­ti (59).

The inci­dent occurred on July 2nd, 2024, after Pat­ti was upgrad­ed to first class while Holm­berg remained in economy.

Accord­ing to reports, Holm­berg ver­bal­ly abused and insult­ed his wife in front of oth­er pas­sen­gers. The sit­u­a­tion esca­lat­ed, with an off-duty police offi­cer inter­ven­ing to pre­vent fur­ther violence.

Pat­ti lat­er revealed a his­to­ry of abuse, claim­ing a pre­vi­ous inci­dent where Holm­berg broke her fin­ger. Holm­berg, recent­ly mar­ried after his first wife’s pass­ing, down­played the event, stat­ing he sim­ply “tapped” his wife for attention.

Arrest­ed upon land­ing, Holm­berg faces fed­er­al charges and a poten­tial year in prison. Alas­ka Air­lines con­firmed a per­ma­nent flight ban for him.

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