Ex-Mortuary Worker Busted Selling Body Parts on Facebook!

Ex-Mortuary Worker Busted Selling Body Parts on Facebook
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Body Parts for Sale? Arkansas Woman Goes Viral (the Wrong Way)

Remem­ber that “odd­i­ties” Face­book group you joined for cool taxi­dermy finds? Well, one for­mer mor­tu­ary work­er took things WAY too far. Can­dace Chap­man Scott, 37, just admit­ted to steal­ing body parts and sell­ing them across state lines!

Dis­sect­ing the Details

Scott worked at a mor­tu­ary that han­dled donat­ed bod­ies for the Uni­ver­si­ty of Arkansas for Med­ical Sci­ences. But instead of hon­or­ing those wish­es, she got creepy on Face­book in Octo­ber 2021. She joined an “odd­i­ties” group (yikes!) and bragged about being a mor­ti­cian with access to
 spare body parts.

FromEm­balm­ing Room to Mailroom?

Scott found a buy­er in Penn­syl­va­nia and struck a deal to sell stolen body parts. Over 9 months, she shipped 24 box­es of human remains – brains, hearts, even a whole pelvis – through the mail! She pock­et­ed over $10,000 for this grue­some side hustle.

Bust­ed by the Feds

The FBI was­n’t hav­ing any of it. They raid­ed Scot­t’s house in July 2022 and found a trea­sure trove of stolen body parts. Scott fessed up to every­thing and is now fac­ing seri­ous charges.

The Take­away

Don’t trust shady sell­ers on social media, espe­cial­ly when it comes to body parts! This case is a chill­ing reminder to be care­ful about what you buy online. And hey, maybe stick to cute ani­mal fig­urines for your odd­i­ties collection.

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