Forest Hills Stadium Gets Shhh’d by Judge: Victory for Residents!

Forest Hills Stadium Gets Shhh'd by Judge: Victory for Residents!
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Liv­ing next to a con­cert venue can be a drag — espe­cial­ly when the bass rat­tles your win­dows! That’s exact­ly what res­i­dents in For­est Hills, Queens were deal­ing with thanks to boom­ing con­certs at For­est Hills Stadium. 

But fear not, fel­low noise-haters! A judge just threw the vol­ume down a notch.

Here’s the deal: Res­i­dents of For­est Hills Gar­dens, a qui­et neigh­bor­hood right next to the sta­di­um, final­ly got some peace. 

A judge ruled that the con­stant con­cert noise was WAY too loud and messed with their chill vibes. The judge put the kibosh on the ear­split­ting con­certs by forc­ing the sta­di­um to get a per­mit for their sound sys­tem and work with the city to come up with a plan to keep things quieter.

But that’s not all! The sta­di­um also has to hire a spe­cial crew to mon­i­tor the noise lev­els and beef up secu­ri­ty to keep out any unwant­ed visitors. 

So basi­cal­ly, For­est Hills res­i­dents can final­ly relax and enjoy some peace and qui­et (and maybe catch some sleep with­out the walls shak­ing!). #Jus­tice­Served #Vic­to­ry­ForTheNeigh­bor­hood #Quiet­NightsIn

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