Georgia Teachers Accused of Student Sex Were ‘Boy-Crazy Flirts’

Georgia Teachers Accused of Student Sex Were 'Boy-Crazy Flirts'
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Two teach­ers from a Geor­gia school dis­trict have been accused of hav­ing sex­u­al rela­tion­ships with male high school students.

Accord­ing to par­ents, Rai­ley Gree­son and Brook­lyn Shuler were well-known for their flir­ta­tious and “boy-crazy” behav­ior around the school even before the alleged incidents.

Audrey Deck­er, a par­ent whose step­daugh­ter attends the school, said the teach­ers “just seemed boy-crazy. And every­one in the school knew it and joked about it.” 

Anoth­er par­ent described the teach­ers as “shame­less flirts” who would flirt with any attrac­tive par­ents who came to the school.

The teach­ers, who were best friends, have been indict­ed on charges of sex­u­al con­tact by an employ­ee or agent in the first degree. 

While the age of the stu­dents is unclear, the charges sug­gest they may have been above the age of con­sent in Geor­gia, which is 16.

Gree­son and Shuler worked togeth­er at the Cal­houn City Schools dis­trict until they were arrest­ed last week. If con­vict­ed, they could face up to 25 years in prison or a fine of up to $100,000.

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