Google Ex Eric Schmidt Back with Wife Wendy After Girlfriend Drama?

Google Ex Eric Schmidt Back with Wife Wendy After Girlfriend Drama?
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Tech Bil­lion­aire & Wife Spot­ted Togeth­er After $100M Invest­ment in Girl­friend’s Startup

Eric Schmidt, for­mer Google CEO, is mak­ing head­lines again, but this time for reunit­ing with his wife Wendy! This comes just months after news broke about his hefty $100 mil­lion invest­ment in a much younger girl­friend’s tech com­pa­ny. So, are the Schmidts back on, or is this just a PR stunt?

Pub­lic Puz­zle: Back Togeth­er or Fake Out?

The cou­ple was recent­ly spot­ted at a swanky par­ty, look­ing all cozy. This is their first pub­lic appear­ance since 2019, leav­ing every­one won­der­ing: rekin­dled love or dam­age con­trol? ‍♀‍♂ Reports claim the Schmidts have an “open mar­riage,” but this girl­friend dra­ma def­i­nite­ly raised eyebrows.

Girl­friend Gets Mil­lions, Wife Gets

The girl­friend in ques­tion? Michelle Rit­ter, a 30-year-old tech whiz. ‍ Schmidt’s invest­ment in her start­up, Steel Per­lot, sent shock­waves. Was it a busi­ness move or a roman­tic one? The world may nev­er know!

Ser­i­al Dater or Com­mit­ted Husband?

Schmidt has a his­to­ry of high-pro­file rela­tion­ships. But this recent reunion with Wendy sug­gests he might be try­ing to patch things up. ‍‍‍ Or maybe they’re just putting on a show for the cam­eras? Only time will tell!

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