Heroic New Jersey Woman, 30, Saves Her Own Life After Leg Is Severed in Freak Train Accident

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In a har­row­ing inci­dent, a 30-year-old woman from New Jer­sey, Lisa Fitzger­ald, saved her own life after her leg was sev­ered in a freak train accident. 

The inci­dent occurred on May 5th at the Mor­ris­town train sta­tion as Fitzger­ald was run­ning to catch a train to New York City.

Fitzger­ald recounts the ter­ri­fy­ing ordeal, explain­ing that she tripped and fell through the gap onto the tracks as the train was pulling into the sta­tion. “My leg was cut off imme­di­ate­ly, I was spun around from that and I land­ed on my stom­ach fac­ing back­wards,” she said. 

Despite the hor­rif­ic injury, Fitzger­ald man­aged to roll out of the way of the oncom­ing train and cling to the plat­form wall.

Trag­i­cal­ly, Fitzger­ald’s cries for help went ignored by bystanders at the sta­tion. “After a few min­utes nobody came to help, I fig­ured I have to find some­way off of these tracks,” she said. Using all of her strength, Fitzger­ald pulled her­self up onto the plat­form and threw her­self to safety.

Rushed to the hos­pi­tal, Fitzger­ald’s leg could not be reat­tached. How­ev­er, the gut­sy 30-year-old has been dubbed the “Mir­a­cle of Mor­ris­town” for her incred­i­ble act of sur­vival. A GoFundMe set up by her sis­ter has raised over $103,000 to sup­port Fitzger­ald’s recovery.

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