Houston SOS: Floods & Storms Pounding Texas! Don’t Get Swept Away!

Houston SOS: Floods & Storms Pounding Texas! Don't Get Swept Away!
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Heads up, Tex­ans! Bru­tal weath­er is throw­ing Texas a curve­ball, and Hous­ton is fac­ing down life-threat­en­ing floods.

The rain is relent­less — some areas are already soaked with 8 inch­es! Water lev­els are ris­ing fast, and flash flood warn­ings are pop­ping up every­where. Lis­ten up: this ain’t a joke.

Gov­er­nor Abbott declared a dis­as­ter zone to get help to those who need it most. Stay informed! Local offi­cials are giv­ing updates con­stant­ly, so fol­low their lead and be weather-aware.

Here’s the deal:

  • HARRIS COUNTY: Manda­to­ry evac­u­a­tions are hap­pen­ing near the East Fork of the San Jac­in­to Riv­er. It’s gonna over­flow, big time! Evac­u­ate if you’re in the area — this is SERIOUS. Don’t wait until it’s too late! đŸ†˜
  • Riv­er Rag­ing: The San Jac­in­to Riv­er is expect­ed to reach crazy high lev­els by Fri­day. Homes could be flood­ed for days!
  • Flood­ing Every­where: Expect major riv­er flood­ing across Texas next week. Lakes and reser­voirs are over­flow­ing, mak­ing things even worse. Stay away from waterways! â›”
  • Road Clo­sures & Res­cues: Flood­ing is shut­ting down high­ways. If you got­ta trav­el, check road con­di­tions first! Stay safe out there.
  • Pow­er Out­ages: The stor­m’s knock­ing out pow­er for thou­sands in Hous­ton. Charge your phone and have a back­up plan in case the lights go out.

Stay safe, Texas! We’re all in this together.

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