HS Hero Dies After Stopping Fight Here’s What We Know

HS Hero Dies After Stopping Fight Here's What We Know
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School Shocked After Stu­dent Steps In & Dies

A Hen­ry Clay High School stu­dent is dead after try­ing to break up a fight. 17-year-old Emmanuel Mwaka­di com­plained of pain after the inci­dent and lat­er col­lapsed in class.

What Hap­pened?

On Fri­day, between class­es, Emmanuel report­ed­ly inter­vened in a bath­room brawl. Short­ly after, he men­tioned a head and neck injury.

Tragedy Strikes

By the end of sec­ond peri­od, Emmanuel suf­fered a med­ical emer­gency and school staff called para­medics. Sad­ly, he passed away at the hospital.

Fam­i­ly & Ques­tions ❓

Emmanuel’s fam­i­ly lawyer says they haven’t heard from the school and have ques­tions. An inves­ti­ga­tion is under­way to deter­mine if the fight or delayed treat­ment played a role.

School Reach­es Out

Fayette Coun­ty Pub­lic Schools says they’ve been in touch with the fam­i­ly and are offer­ing their condolences.


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