I‑95 Connecticut SHUT DOWN: Gas Tanker EXPLODES in Fiery Crash

I-95 Connecticut SHUT DOWN: Gas Tanker EXPLODES in Fiery Crash
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Major high­way shut down after a HUGE gas truck BLEW UP on I‑95 in Con­necti­cut! The crazy acci­dent involved a swerv­ing car and a TON of gaso­line (we’re talk­ing thou­sands of gal­lons!) ⛜ The result­ing infer­no engulfed an over­pass and caused a traf­fic night­mare for hours. Luck­i­ly, no one was seri­ous­ly hurt, but the high­way clo­sure is a major buz­zkill for commuters.

Here’s the scoop in case you missed it:

  • I‑95 Con­necti­cut is CLOSED in both direc­tions after a fiery gas tanker crash.
  • The crash involved a car cut­ting off a mas­sive gas truck, caus­ing a chain reac­tion explosion.
  • The infer­no engulfed the Fair­field Avenue over­pass, caus­ing major damage.
  • Luck­i­ly, there are NO report­ed injuries, but crews are still clean­ing up the mess.
  • Expect delays if you’re trav­el­ing in the area. Use alter­na­tive routes and give your­self extra time! â°

This is a scary reminder of the dan­gers of large trucks car­ry­ing haz­ardous mate­ri­als. Stay safe out there, folks!

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