Indiana Prodigy Njumbe Crushes College at 15 () — Youngest in State History!

Indiana Prodigy Njumbe Crushes College at 15 () - Youngest in State History!
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15-year-old Indi­ana whiz Khaya Njumbe is about to smash col­lege grad­u­a­tion records! On May 8th, this super­star stu­dent becomes the youngest per­son EVER to grad­u­ate col­lege in Indiana.

Njum­be’s a mas­ter mul­ti­tasker! While attend­ing high school, he also took class­es at Indi­ana Uni­ver­si­ty North­west (IU North­west) from the age of 12. This pow­er move lets him grab his high school diplo­ma and col­lege degree at the same time.

“Peo­ple might be sur­prised,” Njumbe says, “but this feels nor­mal for me. It’s all I’ve ever known!”

This braini­ac does­n’t stop at a bach­e­lor’s degree! Njumbe already has THREE asso­ciate degrees from Ivy Tech in biol­o­gy, lib­er­al arts, and gen­er­al stud­ies. His par­ents, Belin­da and David Njumbe, knew their son was spe­cial from the start. ‍‍‍

“He always said IU North­west was his school,” Belin­da says. She home­schooled Khaya, who could zoom through entire grade lev­els in months! “He gets this dri­ve, gets up in the mid­dle of the night to solve a math prob­lem,” she adds.

Njum­be’s a cam­pus leg­end! Peo­ple mis­take him for a pro­fes­sor’s grand­son, and his ID gets ques­tioned on the bas­ket­ball court. But pro­fes­sors like Jack Bloom rave about him. ‍ “Seri­ous stu­dent, great work eth­ic,” says Bloom.

Njum­be’s not slow­ing down! He’s aim­ing for a mas­ter’s and then a Ph.D. in bio­med­ical engi­neer­ing from IU North­west by age 22. 🩺 “The sky’s the lim­it,” says There­sa Canady, his school social work­er. We can’t wait to see what this future doc­tor achieves! ‍⚕️

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