Indonesia: Woman Found Eaten by Giant Python

Indonesia: Woman Found Eaten by Giant Python
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Indone­sian author­i­ties are inves­ti­gat­ing a trag­ic inci­dent after a miss­ing woman was found eat­en by a mas­sive python.

50-Year-Old Fari­da Disappears

Fari­da, a 50-year-old res­i­dent of Kalem­pang vil­lage, van­ished while walk­ing through near­by woods on her way to sell food at a local market.

python found after eaten a woman

Search Leads to Grim Discovery

Con­cerned by her absence, Fari­da’s hus­band, Noni, alert­ed vil­lagers who launched a search par­ty. The fol­low­ing day, they locat­ed a large python with a dis­tend­ed stom­ach in the undergrowth.

Feared Con­firmed: Woman Found Inside Snake

Fear­ing the worst, Noni and oth­ers used a machete to open the python’s bel­ly. Their worst fears were con­firmed as Fari­da’s body was found whole inside the snake.

people removing woman from the python stomac

Com­mu­ni­ty in Shock, Safe­ty Warn­ings Issued

The inci­dent has shak­en the vil­lage. Local leader Suar­di Rosi urged cau­tion, espe­cial­ly for women trav­el­ing alone in wood­ed areas.

people removing the woman from python

Indone­sia: Home to Giant Retic­u­lat­ed Pythons

Indone­sia is known for its large pop­u­la­tion of retic­u­lat­ed pythons, known to grow to immense sizes with­in the coun­try’s dense jun­gles. This unfor­tu­nate event marks anoth­er instance of human-python conflict.

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