Jail Worker Busted for Hooking Up with Inmate & Smuggling Vapes

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Van­der­burgh Coun­ty Jail Shock­er! A jail work­er alleged­ly got way too close with an inmate and even helped him run a shady vape biz inside the clink.

Here’s the DL:

  • 41-year-old Cather­ine Sow­ders, a kitchen work­er at the jail, is accused of get­ting frisky with a 49-year-old inmate named Robert Young.
  • Sow­ders alleged­ly snuck Young vape sup­plies and helped him sell them to oth­er inmates. They even used CashApp to make the transactions!
  • If con­vict­ed, Sow­ders faces seri­ous charges for sex­u­al mis­con­duct and inmate traf­fick­ing. Young also got slapped with an extra charge. ⚖

Jail Offi­cials Not Hap­py! The Sher­if­f’s office says ALL employ­ees know the rules about frat­er­niza­tion with inmates. They take these vio­la­tions very seri­ous­ly and won’t tol­er­ate any fun­ny busi­ness. ‍♀

This sto­ry is blow­ing up online! Search terms like “jail work­er inmate rela­tion­ship,” “inmate vape smug­gling,” and “Van­der­burgh Coun­ty jail scan­dal” are trend­ing. #Jail­break­Fail #Vape­Gate

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