Macron Driving France Toward ‘Frexit’ by Ignoring Migration Warnings, Warns EU Brexit Negotiator

Macron Driving France Toward 'Frexit' by Ignoring Migration Warnings, Warns EU Brexit Negotiator
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Accord­ing to the EU’s chief Brex­it nego­tia­tor Michel Barnier, French Pres­i­dent Emmanuel Macron has dri­ven the coun­try to the verge of a ‘Frex­it’ moment by dis­re­gard­ing warn­ings about migration. 

Barnier, who served as the EU’s top Brex­it nego­tia­tor, warns in his mem­oir that oth­er nations could fol­low the UK’s lead and leave the Euro­pean Union if the lessons of Brex­it are not learned.

Barnier expressed regret that his warn­ings about migra­tion, secu­ri­ty, state author­i­ty, and the need to sup­port the coun­try’s poor­est regions have not been heed­ed in France. 

“It is my con­vic­tion that we have to pay huge con­vic­tion and great respect to what peo­ple on the ground think in some very poor regions. That was the case in the UK, and I think it could be the same in France,” he said.

Macron’s deci­sion to dis­solve par­lia­ment after his cen­trist alliance was defeat­ed by the hard-right in Euro­pean par­lia­men­tary elec­tions this month has been described as a “very risky gam­ble” by Barnier, a promi­nent pro-Euro­pean con­ser­v­a­tive in France. 

Opin­ion polls sug­gest Macron’s cen­trist coali­tion faces an even greater rejec­tion than Rishi Sunak’s gov­ern­ment is fore­cast to endure in the UK’s upcom­ing gen­er­al elec­tion, with just 20% of French vot­ers voic­ing support.

Macron has denied accu­sa­tions of reck­less­ness, claim­ing the move was “a ges­ture of great con­fi­dence in the French peo­ple.” How­ev­er, Barnier’s warn­ings high­light the grow­ing dis­con­tent in France and the poten­tial for a ‘Frex­it’ sce­nario if the gov­ern­ment fails to address the con­cerns of its cit­i­zens, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the coun­try’s poor­est regions.

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