Maine Massacre Suspect Found Dead After Depraved Rampage Leaves 18 Dead

Maine Massacre Suspect Found Dead After Depraved Rampage Leaves 18 Dead

After a dead­ly shoot­ing spree at a bowl­ing alley and bar left 18 peo­ple life­less across the streets of Lewis­ton, Maine, the deranged gun­man became the focus of an urgent manhunt. 

Robert Card, a 40-year-old mil­i­tary vet­er­an and engi­neer­ing stu­dent, was named the prime sus­pect in the hor­rif­ic homi­ci­dal attacks on Wednes­day evening. Armed with an assault rifle, wit­ness­es report­ed Card mer­ci­less­ly mow­ing down vic­tims with­out mercy.

In the ensu­ing 48 hours, a mas­sive search oper­a­tion hunt­ed for the dead­ly marks­man through dense wood­lands. But on Fri­day, author­i­ties recov­ered Card’s body in a grue­some dis­cov­ery as ques­tions lin­gered over what drove him to such bru­tal violence. 

As the shell­shocked com­mu­ni­ty mourned their lost loved ones, details emerged of Card’s his­to­ry of men­tal insta­bil­i­ty and threats of mass vio­lence. Despite a pri­or stay in a psy­chi­atric facil­i­ty, he had access to firearms and­slash ter­ror across two pub­lic venues. 

With the shel­ter order now lift­ed, Lewis­ton begins to heal — but the tor­ment­ed ghost of their town’s worst mas­sacre will haunt their soul for years to come.

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