Marilyn Monroe’s Haunting Last Photoshoot Revealed — Posed Naked Just Days Before Her Death

Marilyn Monroe's Haunting Last Photoshoot Revealed - Posed Naked Just Days Before Her Death
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Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe posed for her final, most dar­ing pho­to­shoot just weeks before her untime­ly death at age 36, a new book by author Mau­reen Calla­han has revealed.

In ‘Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed’, Calla­han details how Mon­roe was “at the height of her beau­ty” when renowned pho­tog­ra­ph­er Bert Stern cap­tured the inti­mate pho­tos for Vogue in June 1962.

The actress, who was suf­fer­ing from intense depres­sion and sub­stance abuse, “took the pub­lic humil­i­a­tion as a chal­lenge” and posed nude in bed, with a long scar from recent gall­blad­der surgery vis­i­ble. Stern reas­sured her that “a woman is beau­ti­ful by her scars.”

Trag­i­cal­ly, Mon­roe died just weeks lat­er from a bar­bi­tu­rate over­dose, with her body dis­cov­ered by her house­keep­er in the ear­ly hours of August 5, 1962. Stern’s icon­ic shoot was lat­er titled ‘The Last Sitting’.

Calla­han’s book also makes explo­sive claims about Mon­roe’s rela­tion­ships with Pres­i­dent John F. Kennedy and his broth­er Bob­by. Her sec­ond hus­band, Joe DiMag­gio, report­ed­ly said years after her death: “I always knew who killed her, but I did­n’t want to start a rev­o­lu­tion in this coun­try. She told me some­one would do her in, but I kept quiet.”

The author alleges the FBI and CIA had bugged Mon­roe’s home, and that Bob­by Kennedy vis­it­ed her on the night she died, demand­ing tape record­ings he believed she had. Hours lat­er, Mon­roe was found dead.

This exclu­sive extract delves into the shock­ing new rev­e­la­tions about the final days and mys­te­ri­ous death of one of Hol­ly­wood’s most icon­ic stars.

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